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Victoria Perks – perhaps better known until now as ‘ViX’ the lead singer/songwriter of all-girl band We’ve got a …Fuzzbox… and we’re gonna use it!

The schoolgirls got together in 1985 and after worldwide success with indie anthem “Rules and Regulations” and chart hits such as “Pink Sunshine” and “International Rescue”. They parted company in 1991, until their reunion in 2010, prompted by ViX’s appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. They are still, to this day, the UK’s most successful all-female band!

ViX toured the UK and Emirates supporting the likes of Paul Weller, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, The Wailers, The Christians, Arrested Development etc with her all-girl band ”ViX n The Kix” and toured the UK and Japan with The Wildhearts’ frontman’s supergroup ”Ginger and the Sonic Circus”.

When not gigging as an acoustic duo or full electric band, the talented songstress is currently in the studio exploring her own interpretations of favourite songs and original material in this genre. The forthcoming album is certain to be an exciting and eclectic mix!

Co-producers and fellow musicians are Geoff ‘JazzBuoy’ Hornsby and Neil ‘Thor’ Darbyshire; Hornsby’s alter ego of Jonny Alpha is signed to hip label C Side Trax and NY label Peace Bisquit. The first country album Thor ever recorded with Raymond Froggatt, won Country Music Radio ‘Best Produced Country Album of the Year 1998′. Their talent and diverse influences compliment Victoria’s beautiful voice, to create a timeless, classic album.

And so, it seems this well-seasoned traveller has finally come home. The best is yet to come…

This is just the start of her intrepid new musical adventure into the earthy realms of Americana/New Country/Folk-Rock/Pop.


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